• History

    The Cooperage S. Pinto Coelho e Adrego, was founded on January/01/1964 by the parents of the current partners (António Coelho and António Adrego). Being a company with a vast knowledge regarding the art of cooperage, it is dedicated to the manufacture of wooden barrels namely to the barrels for decoration, chesnut barrels, oak barrels, wine barrels, wooden taps, recovery barrels, that is, everything related to cooperage.

  • Product Elaboration

    In our company we give so much importance in the quality of the wood that we use. In this way, it is ourselves that we manufacture our wooden staves inside our facilities, from the sawing of the wood to the point where the wood is dry and ready to be used to build the barrel. With this method we can always guarantee the quality of our wood.

  • Final Product

    We have a wide range of products / services available for you from, wooden barrels for wine, wooden barrels for decoration, oak barrels, chesnut barrels, old barrels recovery, wooden taps, ie, everything connected with this art of cooperage.

  • Contacts

    If you wish to contact us you can send us a message in our form on our contact page, or if you wish to visit us please see our address.

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Product Elaboration